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Ridgewood on the River boasts approximately 1,100 linear feet of Wisconsin River frontage.  Part of this frontage is designated as a common area for the use of all seasoanal campers.  The common area contains a private boat landing, sandy beach and golf cart parking. The remaining frontage consists of River Frontage campsites, as well as walking paths for access to the River boardwalk and boat slips.

Ridgewood provides access to 20 miles of navigable Wisconsin River waters.

This 20 mile stretch of land and water is picturesque at any point in time during Wisconsin's four distinct seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter.  Most of the shoreline is in its natural state - a sanctuary where wildlife flourishes.  Many people travel far north to experience what is nestled right in Central Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin River is wide, fairly deep and provides some of the best Walleye, Bass, Northern and Musky fishing in the State.
Ridgewood provides access to sandbars that host lines of pontoons and boats wanting to swim and enjoy the shallow waters in the sun the sandbars offer.  From Ridgewood, campers can hop on their boat or pontoon and get to either of two restaurants on the River.  Both restaurants have dock space for patrons to park their boats.

The River provides marvelous opportunities for boating, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, tubing, pontooning and water skiing.  Seasonal campers can rent a private boat slip (limited availability) for the season to enjoy these sports or use the boat landing for occasional boat use.  Refer to the Seasonal Rates page for the private boat slip costs.

In addition to offering direct access to the Wisconsin River, Ridgewood property also has a 3-acre spring-fed lake with sandy swimming beach.  The lake has a raft and slide for those who care to swim.  Many enjoy paddleboating, kayaking or rafting on the lake.  Beach chairs are provided for those who care to sunbath or just relax.  

Ridgewood has beautiful, clean, spa-style restrooms.  

Ridgewood on the River offers both men's and women's restrooms and showers.  Hand and body lotion, bathmats and some toiletries are provided as complimentary.  The bathrooms are kept clean for a pleasant experience every time you enter.  The commodes are in private rooms and the showers are full-size so there is plenty of room to shampoo, etc.  No need to bring those quarters - at Ridgewood the showers are offered as complimentary, so you can shower as long as you like and adjust the water to the temperature you like as well.  The restroom's are located in the Clubhouse and are open 24/7.


Ridgewood has a clean, relaxing laundry room.

Ridgewood on the River has a beautiful laundry room located in our Clubhouse.  Doing your laundry does not have to be stressful.  Relax in the Clubhouse in the laundry room or in the lounge area while your laundry is being cleaned or dried in our Speed Queen washers and dryers.  The washers and dryers are kept clean, so you have a pleasant experience every time you use the facility.   As with the restrooms and showers, the laundry room is open 24/7.

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